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Soothing Science

May 8, 2017

Soothing Science is a podcast that will help you to reduce your stress levels. In this first episode Dr Adrian talks about why he is making the podcast - about how there is an epidemic of stress in our society at the moment, and how we no longer practice many of the tried and true methods that different cultures have evolved to help with this. We then do a simple exercise based on breathing and muscle relaxation and some pleasant beachside imagery, and by the end of that we think you'll feel really good.

Please note that the relaxation exercise starts at about the 12 minute mark. You should only listen past that point while you are sitting or reclining free of distractions. The start of this part of the podcast is clearly announced and you should not listen to it in any circumstances where you could be in trouble if you fell asleep or became drowsy. This is not the podcast to listen to while driving!

 Soothing Science website and show notes.

Happy relaxing...